​Self-Portrait, 2016


Born in Brussels, 1975

Works and lives in Brussels, Belgium


Graduated from Ruskin College, Cambridge, UK, in Artistic Photography, History of Photography and History of Art.

Studied Sociology in Oxford and Modern Design at Sotheby’s Institute in London.

Apprentice of Roger Asselberghs in photographing works of art. 

All these centres of interest are fruitful in feeding her production of art works.


Sterenn Denys is a Plasticien Artist and Artistic Photographer.

She has a large production of existing fine art prints of her photographs where different media and colours are added to each, making unique crafted images.

Her work also includes portraiture, and various series of artistic photography with very limited editions of gelatin silver prints, signed, titled and dated on certificate.


Feeling art, like love, to be the most beautiful human creation through history, she tells stories where people and culture meet. 

Because art gives humans consciousness of the grandeur they have in them, Sterenn has made culture one of her favourite themes. Her niche: exploring space, authenticity and beauty as a cultural perception. 


Since art is one signature of society, Sterenn’s gaze on life and her line of production of works of art faithfully explore the beauty in culture and the beauty in people. As it really exists.