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What is art for? 

To give joy.


Art has always played an important role in the representation of happiness. It serves of course to question but also to give pleasure. Hedonism, cheerfulness, sensuality have run through the history of the arts, since Epicurus.


"Wherever there is joy, there is creation: the richer the creation, the deeper the joy" said Bergson in L’Énergie Spirituelle.


"Joie de vivre" covers all eras and modes of expression, following various different lines.


Our company has been built on our love for works of art, specifically Modern Art, that have their own historical significance and give joy. All our works of art are selected on the strength of a personal sense of beauty, their innovation in craftsmanship and forms, and for their elegant material, lightness and texture.


The key for our action is bringing together works of art that are rare, of high quality, and only unique or in limited editions.


In our company, we stand by our clients every step of the way, whether they chose a single piece or a complete interior.


The most important thing is that we truly care about works of art as much as our clients do. We therefore aim for excellence, both in the quality and the authenticity in the pieces we sell and the art market services we offer.


We combine the competence of an art historian, of a researcher, of an art dealer and of an interior advisor. This professional approach ensures the rigour and the seriousness of the collection, in starting it or in completing it.

Our selection aims at forming three specific collections of functional everyday objects.

For your eyes and for your comfort, we are selecting 




Over the years, our selection has become well-known as serving a highly graphic, exciting joie de vivre style of living surrounded by unique works of art. It is in the rich combination of high quality original pieces that we distinguish ourselves.


We constantly source art from everywhere, from various media and from different art movements. We carefully select and authenticate works of art from Brazil to Denmark, from Italy and France to the USA, and from the 1900 to today.


We present INNOVATIVE DESIGN SIGNATURE FURNITURE by established names such as George Nakashima, Poul Kjaerholm, José Zanine Caldas, Dupré-Lafont, Jules Wabbes, and Finn Juhl.


We also take seriously the importance of living with ELEGANT OBJECTS, such as in wood or glass by Tapio Wrikkala, among others, and in silver by Franco AlbiniHenning Koppel and Puiforcat.


We highlight JOIE DE VIVRE PHOTOGRAPHY with modern and contemporary masters such as Man RayHerb Ritts, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Annie Leibovitz.

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