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Sterenn Denys is passionate about art, both as an art historian, collector, advisor and dealer, and as herself a photographic and plastician artist. 


As an artist, she creates works with her sense of beauty, knowledge and understanding of art work. Her creativity nourishes her keen eye and demand for elegance and innovation in art. She tells stories in which people and culture meet, feeling art to be, like love, the most beautiful human creation in history. 


Everything Sterenn does is created with a belief in thinking differently and challenging the status quo. She achieves this by making beautiful works of art that are an extension of natural vision, genuine photographs of what she finds and sees in front of her and her Leica, not generated or altered with photoshop.This activity also leads her to keep constantly updated with the new creations shown in international exhibitions and art fairs.

Works of hers are held permanently and exhibited in the collections of Kettles Yard, Cambridge, le Musée d’Ixelles, Brussels, the Royal Photographic Society, Bath, the Museum für Fotografie, Berlin, le Musée de la Photographie, Charleroi and le Musée de L’Elysée de la Photographie, Lausanne.

Sterenn Denys Art Advisor & Dealer and Joie de Vivre Photographer.jpg

Being the second generation of a family with a passion for the arts, Sterenn started selling works of art at the age of 17 at TEFAF Maastricht with the art gallery of her father, Philippe Denys, expert and dealer in 20th Century Art. This extraordinary experience infused in her, early on, a unique perception for beauty, a precise search for the rare, and an appetite for high quality crafted works of art. Her further studies at Cambridge, Oxford, Sotheby’s Institute in London and Solvay Business School in Brussels centers of excellence reinforced her natural skills.

Beside her own photography production, Sterenn offers art advisory and dealing service, specialising in DESIGN FURNITURE, ELEGANT OBJECTS and JOIE DE VIVRE ART PHOTOGRAPHY, from 1900 to today. She has been constantly curating services for private collectors, corporate clients, museums and institutions for thirty years. Since her early rich working experiences, Sterenn has kept and nourished contacts made with collectors, art critics, and museums.

Sterenn’s extensive connections recently enabled her to represent clients in private sales handling masterpieces by the Wiener Werkstätte coming from the Palais de Stoclet.

She has helped a Chinese client who created a multifunctional urban space in the center of Beijing, which incorporates a school, art museum, park, hotel, office space, and a nursery of creativity: she was chosen as the curator to select photographs reflecting Zen philosophy.

She helps clients to focus on their authentic artistic emotions, and assists in the acquisition, renting, letting, and sale of art works, in a complex global market, with discretion and complete confidentiality. Her long and wide experience with all art world stakeholders helps to hunt and buy art for clients’ long-desired objectives.

Feeling art, like love, is the most beautiful human creation in history

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